Matcha, Green Tea Powder and Ice Tea

Matcha, Green Tea Powder and Ice Tea

Traditional high-quality powder tea "Matcha", made from shade-grown green tea leaves. Exquisite organic Matcha from Korea and Japan, green tea powder and green ice tea from Japan.

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Product no.: 4003

Premium organic Matcha green tea powder from Hadong near Mt. Jirisan, South Korea, made from young Sejak tea leaves which are grown in the shade. This matcha has a bright green colour and strong aroma.

Original filling from the Jukro tea farm in attractive box.

Organic product: DE-ÖKO-006 from NON-EU Agriculture.




Net weight: 40 g



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Product no.: 9018

This "Ice Green Tea" is a freeze-dried extract of high quality Japanese green tea which is soluble in cold water. It is absolutely natural, without any artificial additives, preservatives or flavours.
10 pouches at 5 g. One pouch yields 1 liter ready-made drinkable cold green tea.

Net weight: 50 g

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Product no.: 7044

BOH Green Tea Latte Instant Tea from the Cameron Highlands, Malaysia.
12 individual sachets of instant tea mix at 27 g, made from natural Japanese Matcha green tea powder, instant tea, non-dairy creamer, sugar and stevia.

Net weight: 324 g


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