Korean Aloe Vera rejuvenating hand mask, 5 sheets

Korean Aloe Vera rejuvenating hand mask, 5 sheets

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As people age, the moisture of their skin decreases and the inner skin looses collagen and elasticity. The skin gradually gets thinner and wrinkles develop. To delay this aging process, moisturizing substances need to be provided to the inner skin.

In natural cosmetics aloe vera has been used over thousands of years for health and skincare purposes. Aloe vera extract helps among others against skin irritations and to keep your skin healthy. Shea butter and jojoba oil keep your hands smooth and moisturized.

Application: after washing your hands wear the hand masks like gloves. Rub your hands and fingers well in order to evenly distribute the essences in the gloves. Apply the mask for 20 minutes, do not rinse.

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Product weight: 120 g