Chrysanthemum & Goji tea from Korea

Chrysanthemum & Goji tea from Korea

Pure natural Chrysanthemum flowers tea and Goji tea from Korea.

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Product no.: 8016

Chrysanthemum tea from Korea, 20 teabags at 0.5 g, 100% natural.

Net weight: 10 g

Best before: June 2018

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Product no.: 4007

Mountain chrysanthemum tea from Korea, 30 g

This wild chrysanthemum tea "San Guk" is produced according to an ancient Chinese recipe from small flowers of wild chrysanthemum
growing in Jiri mountain, South Korea.
Its deep fragrance of flower tastes slightly bitter at first, but leaves a wonderful sweet taste afterwards.

Original filling directly from the Jukro tea plantation, in attractive packaging.

Net weight: 30 g

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100 g = 83.33 €

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Product no.: 8025

Goji tea from Chungyang in South Korea, 25 teabags at 1.3 g

According to Chinese tradition goji berries are used to balance a lack of Chi (low energy) in your body.

Net weight: 32.5 g

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Delivery weight: 50 g
100 g = 18.40 €

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