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Medical Disclaimer - Important Note

The content of these pages is completely free from health claims. The diagnosis and therapy of illnesses or other physical dysfunctions requires a treatment by doctors, alternative practitioners or therapists. The information provided on these pages is exclusively informative, it is not to be used as substitute for medical treatment. The risk of wrong diagnosis or treatment can be reduced by consulting a doctor or therapist only.

Medicine is, as any science, subject to constant development. Research and clinical experience enlarge our knowledge, particularly when it comes to medical treatment and therapy. As long as on the pages an application, a dosage or a particular medical or nutritional therapeutic procedure is mentioned, possibly not in accordance with our intention, we do not assume any responsibility.

We recommend any user to assess by thorough examination or by consulting a specialist whether the recommendations or guidelines are applicable to a specialcase.

Each user is responsible himself for wrong dosage or deviation from the instructions.