Sarawak pepper from Malaysia, Bali Fleur de Sel, coconut specialties, organic rice, cooking utensils, living accessories, Buddha figurines, table deco and Asian style dishes.

Tea gift sets and gift vouchers

Gift vouchers and attractive tea gift sets with BOH tea from Malaysia and tea from Korea and Japan.

Sarawak Pepper

High quality Sarawak pepper from Malaysia.

Organic Coconut Specialties

Organic palmflower sugar, coconut oil and creamed coconut.

Matcha pastilles

Gourmet green tea candies/pastilles made from organic Japanese Matcha - a pure pleasure for the palate!

Thai Celadon

Beautiful tableware, bowls, accessories and gift sets from jade-green Thai celadon with crackelé pattern.

Cookery accessories

Korean Dolsot cooking pots, beautiful chopstick gift sets and wooden trays.