Green tea powder Matcha

Green tea powder Matcha

Green Tea Powder Matcha

Matcha-00The green tea powder or "Matcha" (in Korean "Malcha") offered in the Teahouse Salacca is of highest quality as it is carefully produced in South Korea or Japan according to centuries-old traditions. The peculiarity of Korean Matcha is that the tea leaves are not only steamed (as in Japan), but also roasted.

After the steaming and roasting process the green tea leaves are finely ground (with a mill stone) to keep all the nutrients intact. Luxuriously smooth and slightly sweet in taste, the bright green tea made from green tea powder has a fresh aroma.Matcha-Muehle

Pulver"Matcha" or "Malcha" is the name of green tea powder made from green tea leaves which are grown in the shade before their harvest. Shade-grown tea leaves produce automatically more chlorophyll because they receive less sunlight for their photosynthesis. The high concentration of chlorophyll is responsible for the wonderful bright green colour of Matcha tea.

Green tea powder and Matcha tea are very healthy because through the consumption of ground tea leaves your body automatically absorbs more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants compared to the consumption of tea made from infused tea leaves. Green tea powder contains a multiple of theine and antioxidants compared to most other foodstuff.

Due to its smooth invigorating impact Matcha tea has been appreciated by Buddhist Zen monks as a meditation beverage for many centuries. The theine in Matcha tea has a much slower and smoother effect than in coffee. This enhances concentration and attention of the mind as well as ease and relaxation of the body.

The teahouse Salaccagreen_tea_ice offers both good vaMatcha-Maccaronslue green tea powder which is ideal for cooking, baking or to prepare healthy beverages (like green tea Latte) and Matcha powder from shade-grown tea leaves which is ideal to prepare the traditional Matcha tea.


How to prepare MatchaZubehor

The traditional way to prepare matcha is to whisk it with a bamboo whisk in a matcha bowl:

  • Put two bamboo serving spoons (approx. 1/2 teaspoon) of matcha powder into your bowl. 
  • Add a little bit of cold water (approx. 2 teaspoons) to avoid lumps and mix well until you get a smooth paste.

  • Add 70-100 ml hot, not boiling water. Holding the bowl with your left hand and the bamboo whisk with your right hand, whisk the matcha powder well with the water. Use your wrist (not your elbow or arm) to make I-shaped whisking motions (see video below). It will take thirty seconds to one minute to develop a foam on top of the matcha.

  • As soon as the surface of the matcha is frothy, genMatcha-02tly lift the whisk out of the center of the matcha bowl. This will leave a small, visually appealing concentration of foam in the center of the bowl.


Enjoy and celebrate your matcha!


Optimal hand movement during making matcha tea.