Bellflower & Hydrangea Tea

Bellflower & Hydrangea Tea

Bellflower tea and Hyrangea tea from Korea

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This 100% bellflower tea "Deodeok Cha" is a wild herbal tea from Hadong, Mt. Jirisan, South Korea. It is made from the bellflower Codonopsis lanceolata, which has big, bell-shaped blossoms that are creme coloured or green ouside and purple with little dots inside.

10 pyramid teabags at 2 g

Original filling from the Jukro tea farm in attractive packaging.

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Product weight (incl. packaging): 70 g

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Hand-picked Hydrangea tea (Hydrangea serrata Oamacha, also named Tea Hydrangea) from Korea. Original packaging, from controlled, guaranteed pesticide-free and natural cultivation.

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