Bellflower tea "Deodeok Cha" from Korea, 10 pyramid teabags

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Bellflower tea "Deodeok Cha" from Korea, 10 pyramid teabags

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100 g = 39.75 €

This 100% bellflower tea "Deodeok Cha" is a wild herbal tea from Hadong, Mt. Jirisan, South Korea. It is made from the bellflower Codonopsis lanceolata, which has big, bell-shaped blossoms that are creme coloured or green ouside and purple with little dots inside.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine this type of bellflower is an Adaptogen, comparabel to ginseng. Adaptogens habe the property to balance and strengthen stress-affected body functions. In Korea Deodeok is known as an ancient home remedy particularly to treat lung infections.

10 pyramid teabags at 2 g

Original filling from the Jukro tea farm in attractive packaging.

Net weight: 20 g

Product weight (incl. packaging): 70 g

Additional product information

Type of tea Fruit / herbal tea
Country of origin Korea
Level exclusive
Caffeine caffeine-free
Packaging Teabags
Cultivation method natural-organic

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