BOH Tea Sample Sets

BOH Tea Sample Sets

Tea samples and sample sets with BOH tea from the Cameron Highlands Malaysia.

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Product no.: 70014-P6

BOH tea sample set with 6 different BOH teabags from the Cameron Highlands, Malaysia.

Product weight: 30 g

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Delivery weight: 40 g

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Product no.: 7006-P

BOH Palas Supreme is a First Flush FP (Flowery Orange Pekoe) large leaf tea with an exquisite and delicate aroma, from the Sungai Palas Tea Garden in the Cameron Highlands Malaysia. Only the two upper leaves and a bud are picked.

30 g tea sample in eco-friendly package (block bottom bag made of kraft paper).

Net weight: 30 g

2.10 € *
Delivery weight: 40 g
100 g = 7.00 €

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Product no.: 7007-P

BOH Bukit Cheeding No. 53 is a strong Broken Orange Pekoe tea of robust and full-bodied character, best for breakfast. It is one of of BOH’s „Garden Teas“, each pure and unblended from a single tea garden, and selected for their superb and unique character.

30 g tea sample in eco-friendly packaging

Net weight: 30 g

1.90 € *
Delivery weight: 40 g
100 g = 6.33 €

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