About us

About us

What does salacca mean?

Salacca is a trunkless palm tree wide-spread all over tropical Asia. It bears the salak fruit, known also under the name „snake fruit“ . The fruits which grow in a distinctively patterned, thin leathery hide ressemble large garlic cloves or lychees. The salak however has an agreeable sweet-sourly flavour unlike any other fruit.

Health, elegance, simplicity and nature – which are the main values of the lifestyle concept of salacca – are symbolised by the salak fruit.


How did salacca evolve?

The origins of salacca date back to her founder´s long stay in Asia. Fascinated by the healthiness, elegance and simplicity of Asian cultu4988x-Brandre, Diana Brand had the idea to combine these basic elements in a modern Asia shop concept in Europe. Since 2001 salacca imports selected products according to the company´s lifestyle concept. These products come mainly from Malaysia and South Korea, where Diana Brand had lived herself.                    
                                                                                                                   The founder of the company:  Dr. Diana Brand

In 2009 a representative office was founded in Seoul, South Korea. The main function of this office is to improve the "supply chain management" by optimizing the contacts with Korean producers as well as the shipment.
This office is managed by Ms. Cho, Kyu Yuen, an expert in Korean teas and health products.

    Address of the representative office in Seoul:
    77 Tongie-dong, Jongno-gu
    Seoul 110-040, Korea
    Tel: +82-2-7231942 or +82-10-5248-1918
    Fax: +82-2-723-1918


General Manager in Seoul:
Dr. Kyu Yuen Cho

In 2012, after continuous growth of the company, Salacca was granted the sole distributorship for the brand BOH tea in Germany.

In September 2015 Salacca entered cooperation with the Swiss tea philosopher Peter Oppliger in Ticino, thereby enlarging the product range by Japanese tea. The exquisite Premium green tea from Japan in available in original packaging only, it comes from controlled, guaranteed pesticide-free and natural-organic cultivation. All teas are regularly tested in Swiss laboratories. On the little mountain "Monte Verità" Peter Oppliger cultivates his own tea, which is the only tea plantation in Europe!Diana-Casa_del_TePeter_skal3




The Swiss tea philosopher Peter Oppliger and Diana Brand in the tea plantation on the
Monte Verità, Via Collina 84, 6612 Ascona, Ticino


What does salacca offer?

We specialize on high-quality tea from selected tea estates. Salacca is sole distributor of BOH tea from the Cameron Highlands, Malaysia, and of organic green tea, ginseng tea and other healthy teas from Korea and Japan.

In addition salacca offers a variety of natural, healthy and useful products in the fields of Asian culinary, wellness and living culture.