Organic black tea with Goji and Schizandra berries, Korea, 100 g

Organic black tea with Goji and Schizandra berries, Korea, 100 g

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This organic "Energy Kick" tea is an exceptional blend of black tea with special herbs and fruits from Hadong, Mt. Jirisan, South Korea.

The Korean name of this tea is "E-La-Cha", which means "fill up engergy" as it contains many precious fruits and herbs that according to an ancient Chinese recipe are good for keeping the body healthy:

  • Raspberries contain many vitamins and antioxidants. They have detoxifying and blood purifying properties. According to TCM they are supposed to prevent aging and help to balance the blood pressure.
  • Gojiberries are said to have many positive health effects, like balancing high blood pressure, high blood sugar levels and eye problems.
  • Schizandra chinensis fruits are known for relieving fatigue and increasing mental strength.
  • Torillis Japonica Decandolle (osmorhiza aristata) is used as natural remedy against inflammations and impotence.
  • Cuscuta australis (love-vine) is, according to TCM, good for protecting the liver and increasing the eyesight.

Jukro Tea Company has been naturally cultivating traditional Korean organic tea since 1962.

Wild tea has been growing in the Jirisan mountains of South Korea for more than 1200 years. As the plants grow at an altitude of 400-500 meters between rocks and steep valleys, they can only be picked by hand. Wild tea is 100% natural, no fertilizers nor pesticides are used during the production process.

Original filling from Jukro tea farm in attractive box.

Organic product: DE-ÖKO-006 from NON-EU Agriculture.


Net weight: 100 g

Additional product information

Type of tea Black tea
Country of origin Korea
Grade of tea leaf big
Character medium strong
Level exclusive
Caffeine medium
Packaging Tea leaves
Cultivation method EU organic label

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