White lotus tea "Yeonip Cha" from Korea, 10 pyramid teabags

White lotus tea "Yeonip Cha" from Korea, 10 pyramid teabags

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100 g = 79.50 €

This 100% white lotus tea "Yeonip Cha" is a wild herbal tea from Hadong, Mt. Jirisan, South Korea. It is produced from bright and clean white lotus flower petals. Lotus tea has a wonderful, both sweet and mild aroma.

Lotus leaves have the unique property that they repel water and dirt. This is why in Buddhism and Hinduism lotus is regarded as a symbol of purity and enlightenment. White lotus tea has a high content of vitamin C and flavenoids. Moreover it contains vitamin B, calcium and potassium. 

You may drink lotus tea when you want to meditate or find mental stability. In Korea this tea is also known as anti-aging tea. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine white lotus tea can help to purify the blood and enhance sleep. Moreover it is supposed to alleviate symptoms of diabetes and hypertension.

Jukro Tea Company has been naturally cultivating traditional Korean organic tea since 1962.

Wild tea has been growing in the Jirisan mountains of South Korea for more than 1200 years. As the plants grow at an altitude of 400-500 meters between rocks and steep valleys, they can only be picked by hand. Wild tea is 100% natural, no fertilizers nor pesticides are used during the production process.

10 pyramid teabags at 1 g

Original filling from the Jukro tea farm in attractive packaging.

Net weight: 10 g

Product weight (incl. packaging): 50 g

Additional product information

Type of tea Fruit / herbal tea
Country of origin Korea
Level exclusive
Caffeine caffeine-free
Packaging Teabags
Cultivation method natural-organic

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