BOH "Cham" - Teh Tarik & White Coffee, 12 x 27 g

BOH "Cham" - Teh Tarik & White Coffee, 12 x 27 g

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100 g = 2.25 €

Fancy the combination of two Malaysian flavours, Teh Tarik and White Coffee, right in the comfort of your home or office? Now you can! Formulated with Stevia Leaf extract, BOH’s fusion of Teh Tarik and White Coffee into one authentic Malaysian favourite, guarantees the perfect blend instantly minus the calories. Conveniently packed as a sachet, you can indulge in the guilt-free BOH CHAM anytime, even while on the go.

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Additional product information

Type of tea Black tea
Country of origin Malaysia
Caffeine high
Packaging Powder
Cultivation method orthodox, controlled pesticid-free

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