100% natural Korean Red Ginseng tea, lactosefree, 10 pyramid teabags

100% natural Korean Red Ginseng tea, lactosefree, 10 pyramid teabags

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100 g = 121.43 €

Korean red ginseng tea, 10 pyramid teabags at 0.7 g pure natural Korean red ginseng. This tea is rare, as it is a 100% pure ginseng tea without any additives, no glucose, no lactose, no caffeine.

The ginseng plant Panax chinseng C.A. Meyer has been cultivated in Korea for thousands of years. The perennial herb grows on special soil only and has to stay in the soil for up to 6 years. When the ginseng root is harvested after many years in the soil, it is full of healthy substances from nature. Ginseng contains several amino acids, B-vitamins and  ginsenosides, which eliminate functional imbalances in the body and stengthen particularly ageing organisms. Red ginseng has a stronger concentration of ginsenosides as white ginseng, because it is mostly harvested only after 6 years and its roots are treated according to a traditional steaming process which better conserve its ginsenosides.


Additional product information

Type of tea Ginseng
Country of origin Korea
Level exclusive
Caffeine caffeine-free
Packaging Plant pieces
Cultivation method orthodox, controlled pesticid-free

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