Wild Premium yellow tea "Samhap Cha" from Korea, 50 g

Wild Premium yellow tea "Samhap Cha" from Korea, 50 g

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100 g = 84.00 €

This Korean wild tea comes from Hwagae, a well-known area for wild tea in the Jirisan mountains of South Korea. Wild tea has been growing there for more than 1200 years. As the tea leaves grow at an altitude of 400-500 meters between rocks and steep valleys, they can only be plucked by hand. Wild tea is 100% natural, no fertilizers nor pesticides are used during the production process.

"Samhap" is a perfect combination of half-fermented yellow tea, mugwort and phellinus linteus. "Samhap" roughly means "three ingredients creating harmony". The result is a wonderful tea with mild, slightly sweet character. Many Koreans regularly drink this tea to strengthen their immune system. According to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) phellinus linteus is the most precious healing fungus which is said to possess immune-stimulating and anti-cancer properties.

Net weight: 50 g

Additional product information

Type of tea Yellow
Country of origin Korea
Level exclusive
Caffeine low
Packaging Tea leaves
Cultivation method natural-organic

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