Wild Premium green tea "Daejak Yucha" from Hadong, Korea 100 g

Wild Premium green tea "Daejak Yucha" from Hadong, Korea 100 g

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This Korean wild Premium green tea comes from the organic cooperative "Dongcheon" in Hadong near Hwagae, a well-known area for wild tea in the Jirisan mountains of South Korea. Wild tea has been growing there for more than 1200 years. As the tea leaves grow at an altitude of 400-500 meters between rocks and steep valleys, they can only be plucked by hand. Wild tea is 100% natural, no fertilizers nor pesticides are used during the production process. The cooperative "Dongcheon" is an aggregation of many small-scale tea farms. It strictly controls that all rules for pesticid-free, natural organic farming and production are fulfilled.

"Daejak Yucha" is made from tea leaves picked by hand between end of May and mid-June. According to the traditional Korean production method, the fully grown tea leaves are roasted over fire, then rubbed and spread out for drying. The result is an exceptional green tea with a light nutty scent and flavour.

Due to the high quality of this green tea, 2 grams per person are sufficient to produce several cups.

Net weight: 100 g

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