Job's Tears tea "Yulmu Cha", 15 x 15 g instant tea

Job's Tears tea "Yulmu Cha", 15 x 15 g instant tea

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Korean Job's Tears tea "Yulmu Cha" instant tea is a delicious powder mixture of germinated brown rice, Job’s tears, barley, wheat, and black beans.

The Job's Tear (botanical name Coix lacryma-jobi) is a grain with tear-shaped seed pots, also known under the name "Chinese pearl barley". In Korea this grain is used not only to make tea, but also as a cooking ingredient in many recipes.

Many Koreans regularly consume Yulmu Cha to protect themselves against flus or to calm their stomach. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM, the job's tear is a good expectorant during coughs or virus infections, it also helps to detoxify the body and to keep the skin smooth. According to TCM it also has diuretic effects, helping the body remove excess water and edema. It is good for people who easily become swollen.

Many Koreans regularly consume Yulmu Cha for breakfast. it has a wonderful smell of hot oatmeal. When prepared with milk instead of water Yulmu Cha can replace a whole meal.

Germinated brown rice is high in nutrition due to the fact that the germinated brown rice provides nutrition through the germination of shoots.
It contains plenty of protein, minerals, amino acids, calcium, and vitamin B and fiber.
Job’s Tears tea is rich in protein, calcium, potassium, and iron and low in calories.

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Additional product information

Type of tea Fruit / herbal tea
Country of origin Korea
Caffeine caffeine-free
Packaging Powder
Cultivation method orthodox, controlled pesticid-free

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