Organic mulberry tea from Korea, 50 g

Organic mulberry tea from Korea, 50 g

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100 g = 38.00 €

100% pure natural mulberry leaves tea from Korea, 50 g in original packaging.
The leaves from the Korean mulberry tree are from controlled, guaranteed pesticide-free and natural-organic wild cultivation in the Jirisan mountains in the South of South Korea.

Mulberry tea is very popular in Northern Asia. The mulberry bush has been called a divine tree as it is used for making silk. The leaves have been fed to silkworms for thousands of years. Mulberry tea is a pure herbal tea with yellow-golden colour,  made from young tealeaves of the mulberry bush. The leaves are picked by hand and roasted on open fire.

Many of salacca's customers consume this tea regularly to reduce their weight. In Asia, mulberry tea is known as slimming tea.

Net weight: 50 g

Additional product information

Type of tea Fruit / herbal tea
Country of origin Korea
Level exclusive
Caffeine caffeine-free
Packaging Tea leaves
Cultivation method natural-organic

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