Premium White tea "Pai Mu Tan", 35 g

Premium White tea "Pai Mu Tan", 35 g

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100 g = 24.00 €

This premium white tea "Pai Mu Tan" comes from controlled, guaranteed pesticide-free and natural-organic cultivation.

The best known and most popular types of white tea are "Pai Mu Tan" (白牡丹) with large leaves (white peony) and the high quality type "Yin Zhen" (White Hair Silver Needle), for which only the youngest and most aromatic shoots of the Big White Tea Bush are plucked.

Original filling of best quality, can be hermetically reclosed with a grip-closure.

Net weight: 35 g in original packaging

Direct import by the Swiss tea philosopher Peter Oppliger.

Additional product information

Type of tea White tea
Country of origin China
Grade of tea leaf big
Character robust/strong
Level exclusive
Caffeine medium
Packaging Tea leaves
Cultivation method natural-organic

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