Dear Tea Connoisseurs!

Are you looking for exquisite and healthy tea? The teahouse salacca offers delicious BOH tea from Malaysia and a wide range of teas from Korea. Malaysian BOH tea from the Cameron Highlands, Premium Korean green tea, Matcha tea and Matcha bowls, organic Japanese green tea, white tea "Pai Mu Tan", barley tea, bellflower tea, Jasmin tea, Job's Tears tea, Korean ginseng, red ginseng tea, white ginseng tea, ginseng extract, hydrangea tea, pomegranate and persimmon tea, Korean ginger tea, yuza tea and quince tea, oriental raisin tree tea, white lotus tea, mistletoe tea, mulberry tea, Taiwanese oolong tea, organic Chai tea or Shizandra "Wu Wei Zi" tea: let the teahouse salacca pamper you with the finest tea products. In our salacca-shop you will also find delicious Sarawak pepper and salt, organic rice and coconut specialties.
To guarantee highest quality our range of tea and food specialities comprises - with very few exceptions - originally packed products only. We do not sell openly stored teas or spices. Particularly the quality of green tea is very sensitive to air, light or moisture exposure and has to be hermetically packed. This is also the reason why we do not offer any tea mixtures or blends.

Each food and tea item has its own history and individual flavour. If you want to learn more about where these products come from, how they are produced and how tea is optimally prepared according the traditional tea ceremony, have a look at the following pages.